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Showroom411.com was founded by Rick Maselli, president of RTM Directories Inc., the parent company of Showroom411.com.  Rick has been in the residential building business for most of his life, and as one of the owners of Maselli Construction Co., Inc, custom builders spanning three generations, he has a vast knowledge of products and information related to the building industry.

Rick has won the praises of both clients and professionals alike for the way he strives to more than satisfy his customers, both in communicating with them and in researching product options.  With over 40 years of experience, he appreciates the work it takes to juggle it all.  Since time is such a valuable commodity, he became an early adopter of CAD design, Internet search capabilities and email communications.  Always looking for ways to become more efficient, Showroom411.com are the natural evolution of his quest to simplify and clarify the building experience. 



ABOUT Showroom411.com

Showroom411.com is for everyone, and the best part is that it is free. By becoming a Free Member, you increase your capabilities and have a wide range of interactivity on the site. Although the directory can be used by anyone that comes to the site, registered Free Members can tag items they like, make comments, upload photos and put items from the directory into a personalized folder - MyShowroom

With MyShowroom, you can create your own project, build a list of items with photos and descriptions from our huge directory and save them for future use. This is great for the Do-It-Yourself person who wants to remodel a kitchen or bath or any other type of home project.  You can add comments to your projects, upload your own photos, bookmark other websites for quick reference and display your progress in Showcase Gallery where you may share your project with other members.

Have questions about a project?  Check out our How-To or Video Category which are full of helpful information to help you complete your projects.  Throughout the directory, you will also find Rick's Tips where you will get direct advice from Rick, the founder of Showroom411.com.  It's like having your own personal contractor by your side!

Don't forget to check out the News and Blogs to find the latest industry information and see what Rick is up to. 



Rick explains it best.

"As a contractor with over 35 years of experience, I can relate to the time-consuming meetings and questions you get from clients looking for guidance when it comes to their dream home or project. Contractors know what works and what doesn’t. We also know all too well that once a client has a ‘vision’ in mind, its very hard to sway him in another direction. Instead, we provide you with the resources to enable your client achieve their vision."

"We also understand that without communication and trust, a project is doomed to fail. Taking all of that into consideration, I believe I’ve come up with the answer. I created a process which resulted in a comprehensive up-to-date directory of products and information. ShowRoom411.com is easy-to-use and navigate – a "power" tool that you’ll wonder how you ever managed without."

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