The project management in My Showroom is my favorite part of the site. The video instructions make it so easy to use. Thanks!

Larry O.

Reno, Nevada

Thanks Rick for answering my question. I followed your advice and it worked like a charm.


Athens, Ohio

This site really does have it all. I love it!

Jill T.

Dallas, Texas

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What is My Showroom all about?

  • Karen created her Free Membership and now has the ability Organize her Home Projects by using My Showroom.
  • Karen began her Bathroom Re-Model project by bookmarking Home Improvement products that she intended to use from the Home Directory.
  • Once she selected all of the items she needed for her Bathroom Re-Model, she then bookmarked How-to Videos and Articles that she found helpful to plan her Home Improvement Project and saved them into her “Bathroom Re-model” project.
  • She began her Re-model with the information that she found on Showroom411.com. She was half-way through but needed an expert’s advice to finish. She decided to post her question to Showroom411.com’s Professional Contractor in Ask Rick.
  • When Karen was completed with her beautiful re-model, she displayed her completed project photos in the Showcase Gallery for all to see and give her praise.
Karen planned and organized her successful Home Improvement Project with the help of My Showroom.

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