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I don't know how many times over the years people have asked me to show them how their new home, addition or remodeling project was going to look, before we even started the project. I was always able to give them an idea, after I did a complete 3-D Cad drawing using my Chief Architect software, but they still had to wait till I got it done, and then meet with me for an hour or more to view it all and of course ask me to make changes on the fly.


Don't get me wrong, I was able to make changes to the siding and roofing and walls etc. while they were there, but it wasn't instant, like I wished it could be.


Now there is a great way for home owners and building professionals too, to make exterior changes to the roofing, siding, exterior accents, doors, garage doors and trim and it is as quick as dragging a color chip to a location and just like that, the change takes place. Whey you are completely finished, you will then be able to print and email what you have done. You can even register and save your projects for future access and changes.



This great little tool is brought to you by CertainTeed, one of the leading manufactures of exterior building products.


Follow the photos below to find out how to use the tool. First you will need to enter in your zip code and this will let you choose from materials that are available in your area.

Color and Material Viewer Zip Code

Next you will select a home style that most resembles your home. Don't worry about the colors and materials matching because you are going to be changing them.

Choose a home style

Next you will see the home style you chose and in the upper left hand corner of your screen will be exterior choices with roofing being selected first. You will also see two drop down boxes where you can make various selections.

Choose Your Design

So beginning with the roofing you can you your mouse to drag your selection into the appropriate boxes below the home. Here you will see where I have dragged my choice of roofing into the box below the home and then you will notice that the roofing shingles have changed from what you see in the picture above to this picture.

Change the Roofing Shingles

You can continue to use this process for the siding, trim etc., until you have made all the changes you desire for your project. You can then enlarge the photo to get a better idea of how it is going to look, and this should then help you make it much easier for you to make material and color choices for your project.

Continue to make changes

It is also helpful to start out by changing all the colors and materials to match your existing home and then see how each separate change will blend in with materials and colors that you are not planning on changing.



To start using the CetainTeed Color and Material View, click on the hot linked photo below and have fun!


hot linked certainteed color viewer

By Rick Maselli Founder and Editor of Showroom411 and Ask Rick

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