iPhone and iTouch. The Latest in Home Improvement Tools?

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Yes, that’s right.  With the help of ingenious application developers, now the iPhone or iTouch will be as invaluable as your tape measure.  In fact, they have an app for that!  With thousands of applications available to iPhone and iTouch, these are just a few of the Home Improvement Tool Apps that will make you wonder how you ever did without.




dimension caliper app for iphone

Dimensions by pocketDEMO    $1.99


Well worth the money, Dimensions utility offers 13, 3d graphics measuring tools.  Included, is a caliper with a precision of 0.156mm or 0.004 inches, a ruler, a level that will not only measure vertical and horizontal, but any angles as well, a tape measure up to 2.5 meters or 8 feet which works by sliding the iPhone under your finger, another tape measure for room sizes up to 16 feet, a long tape measure which uses the camera of your iPhone to measure distances up to 82 feet, a measuring wheel for distances over 80ft up to a mile, a gps based pedometer , and other goodies such as a speedometer, an app to measure ingredients that do not appear on your measuring glass and a converter calculator that converts measurements of distance, volume, surface and speed.  Definitely, a very handy application to have.




handyman caculate materials iphone

HandyMan Sidekick byTech Tree Media    $1.99


Calculate yards to feet and vice versa, calculate mulch from square feet to cubic feet, converts meters to feet, centimeters to inches, lets you choose between metric or imperial units.  The Paint calculator finds how much paint to use and even takes into account the number of windows and doors you have!  There is also a Wallpaper app that will tell you how much material will be needed.  Also, included is a flooring calculator for hardwood, laminate, etc.  The Garden app will calculate how much mulch you will need.  This is a great tool to figure out how much material you might use and be able to convert to the proper measuring units.




Home Improvement calculator iphone

Home Improvement Calculator by PunkStar Studios    $4.99


The Home Improvement Calculator is a handy tool for any homeowner.  This application calculates just about any material you might need in a typical home improvement project.  Calculate for paint, wallpaper, tile, deck, fence, concrete, gravel, mulch, brick, and carpet.  Just enter in the dimensions and the program will calculate how much material you will need to complete the job.  This will save you a lot of time, money and trips to the store!




fis calculate dimensions iphone

FIS Dimensional Calculator    $9.99


How many times have you ruined building materials due to simple miscalculations?  Well, that is a thing of the past.  Put your iPhone or iTouch in your tool belt and load the FIS Dimensional Calculator.  Add, subtract, multiply and divide dimensions in feet, inches and fractions of an inch.  Save time with the added numbers on the calculator.  With the innovative addition of a “0-15” key and dedicated  /2, /4, /8, /16  keys, inputting is fast and easy.  Now, you will never have an excuse to miscalculate dimensions, again!




Right Angles Caculator app for iphone

Right Angles Calculator by Touch Me Apps    $9.99


Enter any two sides, or just an angle and one side and Right Angles calculates the other data which can be entered in as feet, inches and fractions with the unique interface.  Calculate sides, angle, area, tangent or pitch of a triangle  A nice compliment to the FIS Dimensional Calculator.




If you are a Home Building Professional or an advance DIYer, than you will find the following applications very intriguing.




buiders calculator app for iphone 

Builder’s Formulator from Multieducator inc.   $9.99


This program contains over 200 formulas helpful for builders.   Combines formulas from electrical, carpentry and plumbing formulations.  Concrete and excavations formulas for excavating or filing soil.  Concrete required for a job and the bricks for a wall.  Carpentry section, calculates the number of joists and studs required on a job.  Builder’s formulator aids users to calculate the load on headers or the cost of hardwood flooring.  Electrical section calculates kilowatts, horsepower efficiency, power factor, watts, amps, current power, resistance and voltage.  Also calculates total resistance, capacitance, voltage drops and transformer calculations.  Plumbing, calculates areas of pipe walls and weights of different pipes.  Builder’s formulator can even calculate the  final temperature when two bodies of water are mixed.  It will also calculate expansion of pipes, radiant heat and heat loss cooling requirements and fresh air in a room requirements.  In the Financial section, Builder’s Formulator can calculate mortgages and price quotes.  All formulas can be saved and accessed at a later time.  Results can also be emailed right from your iPhone or iTouch.


Multieducator, in addition to Builder’s Formulator, has specialized programs for Carpenters, Architects, Building Engineers, Electricians and Plumbers.




CAD program app for iphone  CAD App for iphone

Cad Touch R2 by neoDev    $6.99


Draw floorplans or land surfaces (calculate their area), facades, mechanical or structural parts (calculate their inertia), diagrams and field notes with this innovative CAD product for the iPhone or iTouch.  After you are finished, you can email the file in real-time!  This program is so advanced, it can handle big drawings and offers powerful editable and multiple polylines.

Features include:

- Measure Units (meters, feet, cm, mm)
- Multiple, editable (delete, move, copy) polylines drawing with multitouch support (ideal to draw measures   of any kind of constructions).
- Continuous walls
- Snap
- Hardware accelerated,colorable on-screen sketches with undo.. Ideal for annotations, revisioning and why not, to paint your work.
- Full screen support, very handy when you have to show and save your work.
- Query tool with selectable vertices (distance, area, moment of inertia, centroid, bending moment and more). You can use cadTouch to pre-estimate the flexional resistance of a beam.
- Save your drawing and then send it via email to your office (imagine the time your will save sending your survey to your office as soon as you finish measuring).
- Fast and more precise drawing (almost completely hardware-accelerated)



Don’t forget the most important utility a homeowner should have in their toolbox is Showroom411.com’s ASK RICK, where you can find professional contractor advice.  Ask him any home improvement question and you will receive an answer from him personally.

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