Denim Is Now Being Used For Home Insulation

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Denim Is Now Being Used For Home Insualtion

It’s True. You Can Insulate A Home With Insulation Made From Cotton Denim Scraps.


And…The best part about it is It Doesn’t Itch!


We all know how good it feels to curl up on a sofa or chair an cover ourselves with a nice soft cotton blanket,  especially in the middle of a cold winter day.  Now the same cotton that is used to make denim jeans is being used to make cotton or denim insualtion.


Now think of the many advantages of using this type of insulation.


  • The batts are made primarily from denim scraps.
  • Cotton insualtion has a higher insulation value per inch than most fiberglass batts.
  • It’s treated to resist fire. Class A rating (the best).
  • Can be installed without wearing a respirator.
  • It doesn’t itch…I repeat It Doesn’t Itch! 
  • It contains no formaldehyde. (Much fiberglass insulation does.)
  • It requires very little energy to manufacture.
  • It is very effective at blocking noise.

Made primarily from blue-jeans scraps collected in factories, it comes in fluffy batts sized to fit snugly into the framing of standard walls and ceilings. This simple installation method makes cotton insulation more homeowner-friendly than cellulose loose-fill insulation, which must be installed with a blower machine.



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