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Maselli Construcion Co., Inc.

Maselli Construction Photo

For nearly 60 years, Maselli Construction, located in Fairlawn, Ohio, has carried on a tradition of quality residential construction in the Summit County and great Akron  area. Tom Maselli founded the company in 1947. Tom's sons, Tim and Rick  incorporated the company in 1992, and Tim owns and operates the company today. The company specializes in kitchen and bath remodeling, room additions and all facets of home remodeling.   

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Videos Why Home Improvement Videos? Are you like a lot of us and learn by experience? Do the how-to/home improvement books and articles seem to be written in a different language? Did you ever want to do a project by yourself but wish that someone could show you how? Well, we're here to help.’s house remodeling videos will be your guide, showing you home remodeling tips and step by step instructions such as how to wire a lighting fixture, fixing your refrigerator, repairing holes in your drywall or whatever your project might be. Let the experts in these home improvement videos show you how to do it right the first time.

  • Appliance Videos
    Are your appliances in need of repair? Is your Ice Maker on the fritz? Before you pay for an expensive house call,...
  • Cabinet Videos
    Want a quick way to give your kitchen a whole new look and feel? One of the best ways to achieve this is to replace...
  • Cabinets Doors and Drawers
    Whether you want to know about Installing Cabinet Glass, Cabinet Door Repair,How-to Build a Cabinet, Organization, or...
  • Ceilings Videos
    Ceilings are boring...right? Wrong! There are many ways to spruce up that drab, plain white ceiling. Try Rosettes...
  • Concrete and Block Videos
    Did you ever think that Concrete and Block were boring? Well, think again! Concrete and Block can be a part of your...
  • Countertops Videos
    When it comes to Countertops, there are a lot of choices. Which type is right for you? Our selection of Videos can...
  • Drywall and Plaster Videos
    Are you staring at a hole in your drywall right now and are perplexed as to how you are going to fix it? Wouldn't it...
  • Electric and Lighting Videos
    Did you ever want to install a Dimmer to create that "romantic ambiance," but did not know how? What about changing...
  • Exterior Accent Videos
    Exterior Accents are a great way to increase curb appeal and value to your home. Give your Exterior a Makeover by...
  • Fence and Railing Videos
    Most people only dream of having a home with a white picket fence in their yard. Now, dreams can become a reality...
  • Fireplace Videos
    Fireplaces are not only an economical way to heat your home, but it is a warm and inviting decorative feature. There...
  • Floor Covering Videos
    Are you tired of your existing floors? Ready for a change? The choices are endless! Wood, Laminate, Tile, Carpet,...
  • Foundation and Drain Videos
    Uh-oh! Is your Foundation or Concrete Block leaking? Better fix it fast! Water Damage can not only be destructive,...
  • Garage Door Videos
    Install a Garage Door opener unit yourself by watching the following videos. Step-by-Step instructions are given ...
  • Glass Work Videos
    Glass work involves an wide range of applications. Everything from installing mirrors over bath vanities, around...
  • Hardware Videos
    Hardware is not only functional, but decorative as well. Installing a new fixture can make a huge difference in a...
  • Heating and Cooling Videos
    Comfort and energy savings is key when it comes to Heating and Cooling your home. Today, there are many products,...
  • Home Entertainment Videos
    DLP, High-Def, Plasma, LCD's? What are these? Today's Home Entertainment technology offers so many different...
  • Home Improvement Videos
    Want to improve your home but are out of ideas? Try watching the Home Improvement Videos. Get...
  • Home Security Videos
    Keeping your family and valuables safe is at the top of anyone's list. Installing a good Home Security System is the...
  • Home Theater Videos
    Wouldn't you love to bring the movie theater into your living room? Today's Audio and Video technology can be...
  • House Plans Videos
    Can you visualize your dream house but can't seem to put it onto paper? Now, with House Plan software, you can...
  • Insulation and Home Energy Videos
    Do you feel like the money that is going to pay your electric or gas bill is flying right out of your window? ...
  • Kitchen and Bath Small Appliances Videos
    Did you know that there are appliances that can reseal your jars of spaghetti sauce until the next time you need it? ...
  • Lawn and Garden Videos
    With Lawn and Garden Videos by your side, you will have the greenest thumb on the block and be the...
  • Living Green Videos
    Green, green, green. Yes, green is all around us and Living Green Videos will give you information and help and how...
  • Lumber and Millwork Videos
    Millwork adds the finishing touches on a home. You can create very dramatic effects with the right millwork such as...
  • Masonry Videos Masonry Videos provides you with different masonry design possibilities and how to maintain and...
  • Paints and Finishes Videos
    Painting a room is a quick, inexpensive way to completely transform a room. Sure, most people know how to roll paint...
  • Plumbing and Fixtures Videos
    Where would we be without Plumbing and Plumbing Fixtures? How would like to be able to view videos that show you how...
  • Roofing and Venting Videos
    One of the most costly repairs to a home is the roof. That is why protecting your roof from the elements is so...
  • Screen Doors and Screens Videos
    Sometimes it can be frustrating when a screen door or window screen gets a tear in the screen. When this happens, a...
  • Shutters Videos
    Shutters are not only used as a decorative exterior accent, but as protection from the elements such as hurricanes. ...
  • Siding Videos
    Siding not only adds character to your house, but provides protection from the elements. When your siding is in need...
  • Solar Energy and Lighting
    When you use gas or electric power you are consuming energy. This costs you money and the production of energy is...
  • Special Lighting
    You’ve designed (or helped design) what you believe to be a very unique, state-of-the-art home. You’ve chosen all of...
  • Spouting and Downspouts Videos
    No one likes the spouting or downspouts on their house to be clogged. We have some great videos that can be of help...
  • Stairways and Stair Parts Videos
    Have you ever struggled with trying to figure out the best way to build a stairway and make sure you use the right...
  • Stone Products Videos
    Since people choose to use so many different Stone Products in their homes, our videos will help to...
  • Storage Solutions Videos
    Every home owner is looking for the best Storage Solutions. No matter how big the house, there always seems to be a...
  • Tile Videos
    Tile is used to bring out the true beauty of a home. Whether it is a breathtaking foyer or a magnificent kitchen,...
  • Tools Videos
    There truly is a tool for just about anything. Whether it's using todays expanded line of cordless tools or creating...
  • Waterproofing
    One of the most important things you can do for your home, is make sure the Waterproofing is done right. These videos...
  • Windows, Doors and Skylights Videos
    Let the sun shine in but keep the elements out. Windows, Doors and Skylights are one of the most important choices...
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